White Sulphur Springs, Montana

Barry is a White Sulphur Springs native and obtained his Civil Engineering degree from Montana State University in 1981. Chris hails from Sheridan, Wyoming and has worked in the banking industry since 1988. They met while both working for Peter Kiewit’s Decker Coal Company just outside of Sheridan, Barry as a senior engineer and Chris as the payroll clerk. After what Chris describes as a painfully long courting period (5 years), they were married in 1988 and began ranching and farming near Ringling, Montana. After selling the ranch, they moved into White Sulphur Springs and continued to raise their two children Hank and Molly.

With Hank and Molly soon to start out on their own, they found themselves looking for something to fill the pending emptiness. Enter the basset hounds. With really no good reason to get a basset hound other than Hank wanting one, they got Stanley when Hank graduated from high school in 2009 and Leroy followed when Molly graduated in 2012. Enter the beer. (Okay, beer came well before the bassets, but the idea of doing more than just drinking it came after.) Having a fondness for beer and being curious about the science and chemistry of brewing, Barry began experimenting, to the delight of family and friends who much enjoyed his brews.

Oddly, the Hedrichs’ found many similarities between bassets and beer: basset hounds are friendly and very social, laid back, sometimes they behave and sometimes they don’t. But without fail, they make you laugh. Folks enjoy sharing a beer with family and friends for some of the very same reasons: because it is relaxing, social, and generally laughter abounds. Hence 2 Basset Brewery was born.

The brewery is located in a building that formerly housed the local auto parts store. The facility underwent extensive remodeling from the ground up. The atmosphere is warm and inviting with tones of copper and gold throughout, including some amazingly beautiful barn wood obtained from the Camas Creek Cattle and Sheep Company west of White Sulphur Springs. And perhaps, just perhaps, there is a picture of a basset hound here and there.

The Hedrich Family invites you to visit White Sulphur Springs and to enjoy its many amenities, including a locally crafted beer from 2 Basset Brewery.