Lavina, Montana

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White City Brewing plans to open its doors in June of 2020.


Founder Brent Nice says “brewing, of one kind or another, has been part of my family for generations.  My dad made wine from the various berries and fruits growing on our small farm in western Washington, as his father had done before him.  Since his passing, I feel the need to take up the torch to carry on the family tradition; however, I want to take it one step further.”

“I began home brewing 16 years ago while stationed in Baghdad, Iraq.  I ordered a Mr. Beer kit through the mail, and made my first two recipes with some of the crudest of tools: a cleaned and sterilized .50 caliber ammunition can, a Korean War era camp stove, a large spoon on loan from the mess hall, about 20 bottles of water and the contents of the kit.  I thoroughly enjoyed the process, and it was a real morale booster for the men in my platoon.  Thankfully nobody got sick, and I was asked to brew another batch as soon as possible.”

“Over time, I have assembled most of the basic components needed for brewing and have tried my hand mostly with all grain recipes.  They are complicated, but I think that’s why I enjoy the work so much:  It is a practical combination of science and imagination. It takes patience, time and focus to create something of true quality, and I find a certain peace of mind working in that atmosphere. I love the smell of good hops and watching wort in the fermenter as yeast does its job.”

“I was fortunate enough to make the acquaintance of Dan Lee, the owner and CEO of Odin Brewing Company.  He inspired me to start my own company and continues to work as my mentor.”

Lavina is the smallest town in Montana to have its own brewery!

Brent says “what sets us apart in the community is the effort to be as ‘green’ as possible. We strive for zero waste in all we do. I am building an efficient wastewater treatment system which is beneficial to local farmers and releases neutral water to the town’s sewage system.  The local extension agent is bringing her master gardener class to build a pollinator garden to beautify the brewery landscape.  I plan to install solar panels on the roof of the brewery and tap room within two years of opening.  Most importantly, the brewery is a place for passers-by and local community members to share a pint and their thoughts about bringing vitality and life to the area.”


“Craft brewing provides a certain amount of independence not afforded in my current career. I take great pride my work and feel that the results of my labors reflect on who I am as a person. A craft brewing business will provide an opportunity to reconnect with the land, work with my hands and build something truly my own.”

Brent says he loves the camaraderie between the brewers in Montana. “They are all so willing to offer advice and help increase my knowledge to make my brewery successful.”

Keep an eye out for White City Brewing’s grand opening and stop in for a Feisty Redhead Scottish Ale!

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108 W. Callender St.

Downtown Livingston


Tuesday-Friday: 10am-5:30pm

Saturday: 10am-4pm



P.O. Box 1556, Livingston, MT 59047

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