Black Eagle Brewery Logo.png

Black Eagle, Montana

The Eagle Has Landed

Black Eagle Brewery was opened in 2015 by Christa Heisler and is one of only a few female owned breweries in Montana. Christa says her parents have been in the bar business for almost fifty years and with all the breweries popping up around the state, she wanted to give it a try for a change of scenery. She says it is interesting being on the other end of the spectrum and that she’s still learning every day!

When asked what she loves about her brewery she replied; “I love how small it is, but with the capacity to grow big. I love how it is located in Black Eagle, even though most people don’t even know where that is. Montana is where it is at for craft breweries!”

Christa loves the Montana Brewery Community because it seems that everyone works together, and it doesn’t feel cutthroat. “It just seems everyone wants to make good beer and help others do the same!”

The brewery is linked to the Pit Stop Tavern and the Montana Room where beer is served in a woodsy, cozy room that makes you feel at home! A beer lover who completed the Montana Brewery Passport voted Black Eagle Brewery most liked overall.

When you are in the area, be sure to stop in and give the award-winning Mocha Porter or Naughty Red Ale a try!