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Great Falls, Montana

The Jeremiah Johnson Brewing Company brand was launched in 2018. Jeremiah and his wife Katie purchased the former “Front Brewing Company” and launched a complete re-brand after managing that business for about 18 months. They say, “it was semi-insane and tremendously challenging but also so much fun and we are so proud of what we are doing!”

They originally intended to remain as “The Front” – it was after diving deep into creating a fresh look that it struck them that a name change may be a good idea. Someone suggested using his own name, Jeremiah Johnson, saying it was a great name for a beer company…” People have been asking me about my name for as long as I can remember. Initially, I said no way…then we (Katie and I) had a drink (or two…) together and decided it was a great idea and we should go for it. We are pouring everything we have into this venture – we may as well put our own name on it!” They say it has been a great move, and when your own name is on it –it gives us just a little extra boost to make it happen every-day.”

When asked what he loves about the brewery he said; “It’s been awesome to watch us build something with a really bright future that initially began with many serious obstacles. We created our values early on and we stick by them very seriously…the two most important to me are Attitude and Hustle. I love that our team embodies both of these values all of the time. If you walk into our production facility – team members have smiles on their faces and sweat beading up on their foreheads!”

Jeremiah says that they love the Montana Brewery industry because it’s a great feeling to be part of a positive industry which is giving a real boost to the future of Montana’s economy and creating better communities. Montana is making world-class beer and we are proud to be a part of that elite group!

We run our business like a family business. We value attitude and hustle and as the owner and namesake, it’s beyond important to me to give customers a great experience. I can assure anyone that the customer service experience they have when dealing with Jeremiah Johnson Brewing Company is going to be excellent and personal. I’d like to think our attitude, hustle and determination to make it happen is what sets us apart. We also think our beer is amongst the best!”

So next time you grab a six pack, grab the Mountain Man Scotch Ale from Jeremiah Johnson!