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Livingston, Montana

Drink Like a God

Neptune’s opened in 1998 and after working there for several years, Jon Berens bought the brewery in 2014 and has shaped it into what it is today.

“Neptune’s is a relatively small but quickly growing brewery that is dedicated to giving the people the best product possible,” Jon says.  “A sea-themed brewery in the middle of Montana? It works well in a quirky town like Livingston.”  Jon says he loves his brewery because it creates an opportunity to help people in the community while creating fun, interesting and just great craft beer.

Jon loves the Montana Brewery Community because of the openness and camaraderie between the breweries.  He like the idea that everyone is working hard to build their brands and products but we still all take time to support and encourage each other.

Take a trip to the sea and give their Siren Song Honey Rye a try next time you are in Livingston!