Paradise Valley, MT

Pine Creek Lodge was built in 1946 by Wayne and Pauline Crosby who saw an opportunity to build a home and business to serve the increasing numbers of Yellowstone visitors following the War. In the years since, Pine Creek Lodge has had 11 different owners and has undergone a great many changes.


Pine Creek Lodge has taken on many forms, as a gas station, coffee shop, general store, cafe and even the owner's home. Yet throughout, it has always remained a neighborhood gathering place for local residents, fishermen, artists, writers, ranchers and travelers from far and wide. 


In its latest form, Pine Creek Lodge is a comfortable and casual place to grab a bite to eat under the pines, see a great band with 900 of your closest friends under the stars, and crash for an evening or three in a funky shipping container cabin. We've worked to continue the tradition of maintaining the natural beauty of Paradise Valley, creating a comfortable space for local residents and visitors alike to enjoy the outdoors, find comfort and take in the work of writers and musicians from Montana and beyond.


Stop in and check it out next you time you find yourself in Paradise Valley!