Bozeman, Montana

Welcome to the Bunkhouse

Bunkhouse Brewery opened in Bozeman in 2016. They wanted to brew more than just the standard four or five different IPAs or scotch ales that seemed to be on beer boards across the state. “We wanted to bring new and exciting beers to our Bozeman community and do it over and over again.” Over the past three years Bunkhouse has grown and developed an incredible barrel aging program and are constantly switching up their beer board.

“We have the ability to constantly brew new and exciting beers, our barrel aged brews are top notch and our customers are the BEST! We also love contributing to the craft beer industry in Montana. It’s a collaborative, supportive, down to earth community. Craft beer community members in Montana are beer lovers to their core and know a good beer when they taste one.”

Bunkhouse is a small brewery which allows them so much flexibility in creating new and unique brews. The board is constantly changing, and you will find new beers on tap each time you visit. They experiment with unique flavors and source all ingredients from MT or the USA whenever possible.

“We are the very definition of a local, micro-brewery and we are proud to classify ourselves as such.”

Next time you are in the area stop in to Bunkhouse Brewery and try a Homeboy McManus Imperial Caramel Pretzel Stout or one of their other tasty brews!