Livingston, Montana

 Rugged Yet Refined; just like the Livingston Locals

Katabatic Brewing Company was opened in 2014 by Brice and LaNette Jones; a husband and wife team who wanted to move from Missoula to a smaller town in Montana. Livingston was their ideal location. Like many others, they were familiar with home brewing and not scared by the process of making beer. Brice and LaNette had each started businesses before, and according to Brice they said; “what the heck, let's move to Livingston and start making beer.”


When asked what they love about their brewery they said “The locals and the community are amazing. We love the people here. They are so warm and welcoming and just great people. I would also say we have some pretty good brewers, the beer we make is very high quality.”

They love the Montana Brewery community because it is a tighter knit community than the brewing industry as a whole. It's like a family of sorts. Brice says he is proud of “the quality and consistency of our beer that put us in the highest quality manufacturing tier that is usually dominated by large regional breweries. Yet at the same time, our size allows us to be cutting edge by playing around with lots of styles.”

Next time you are around Livingston, stop in for a delicious Katabatic Pale Ale or one of their other tasty brews. 

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108 W. Callender

P.O. Box 1556

Livingston, MT 59047

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