Bozeman, Montana

Beer So Good, It's Criminal

Todd and Nicole Hough opened the doors of Outlaw Brewing in 2012 in Belgrade, MT. By the end of 2013 Todd decided to go all in and purchased the parcel of land where Outlaw currently sits, and they opened their doors in Bozeman in 2014.

Todd says he dreamed of being involved with a brewery since he was in high school. He was a home builder in the early 2000s and when the market collapsed in 2007-08, he went to work at Madison River Brewing, where he spent two years in production. With young children at home, he left that position in pursuit of financial gains. Todd had a brief stint as a stockbroker, but couldn’t shake the desire to be brewing. Eighteen months later, Outlaw Brewing was founded, and brews were happening on nights and weekends.

Todd says that what makes Outlaw so special to him is that they started with $30,000 on a credit card, while he was still working another job, and they were able to turn it into something incredible. He says he’s always been enamored with Rocky Mountain culture: where people from all over come together to live, work, and socialize. He loves seeing that in their tasting room.

Todd and Nicole say that they love the brotherhood/sisterhood of the Montana Brewing Community. “All of us are working toward the same goal; make great beer for the people. We regularly collaborate to share information, ingredients, and techniques. We are all working together to further the craft. It is an amazing industry to be a part of.”

Stop in their tasting room that was hand built by friends, family and staff members. The majority of the furniture and light fixtures are all up-cycled materials. You might notice that there is still a little bit of cowboy left in the Outlaw tasting room! Stop in for a pint of the Yuppie Hammer New England IPA and enjoy!