Bozeman, MT

“We take the seasonal approach.

Inspired by our environment and the people who live here—

we believe beer should be explored.”

Polar Brewing opened at the end of 2018, after noticing a few needs in the Bozeman Brewery scene. The growing west side of Bozeman didn’t have a nearby neighborhood brewery and they wanted to fill that need by working with Nordic Brew Works. They also noticed that there were few places that consistently have lagers on tap so they made that a priority. Polar produces all the beer sold at Nordic Brew Works. Since Polar does not have a tasting room, this partnership is key. You can find Polar beer in cans around Bozeman and at our store here in Livingston.

“We have been rotating beer styles almost continuously since opening.” Since starting canning, they have chosen some flagship beers. These include: Machete Mexican Lager, Mystery Train Vienna Lager, Hidden Stash IPA and Princess Unicorn NEIPA.

“Working closely with Nordic Brew Works allows customers to enjoy all our beers just feet from the fermenters in which they are brewed while having a full food service food menu, cocktails and wine without the 48 oz and 8pm closing time limitations.”

The brewery itself takes up a very small portion of the building they are located in.

“Polar Brewing uses it’s small footprint in an extremely efficient manner thanks to our custom stacked fermenters, a compact brewhouse and long flexible auger to bring our grain in from the bin out in front of Nordic Brew Works. Additionally, nearly all the equipment in the brewery is of high quality and built in Canada or the United States.”

The folks at Polar love the Montana brewery community because, “Most Breweries in Montana are willing to help eachother out and share things they’ve learned along the way.”

Keep an eye out for those cans from Polar, or stop in to Nordic Brew Works next time you’re in Bozeman! Cheers!